Goofin' Around is a repository of all my creative ideas and works throughout the years. Aptly named because that's what my wife tells me whenever I get in front of my computer for hours and conveniently forget to mow the lawn or do my chores for that matter. I love my job at the old Post Office but the creative side of my personality just can't be contained. Instead of culling other people's mail I find that culling my own brain for ideas and having them realized is more personally rewarding.
US Postal Service supervisor Roger Tabilas' retirement lunch party at Kalesa Restaurant in Milpitas. He is retiring after 31 years of service. I knew him even before I worked at the USPS. He was an avid and competitive bowler like I was. We both competed at the Amateur Bowlers Tour around the Bay Area during our younger years. We were both in the Associate Supervisors Program (ASP), he finished the program but I dropped out and chose to make Mail Handler my career path. I was very fortunate to have him as my supervisor at the 010 Operation. He was an easy going guy, fun to get along with and a very good boss. The thing that sets him apart from the other supervisors is that he truly cares for his subordinates. He gets excellent production on the floor because he was able to command respect from the employees from his level headed, calm and collected personality even during a crisis. He is truly one of the gems at the USPS San Jose Processing and Distribution Center and we are going to miss him. Now that he has more time to devote to his already awesome golf game, he would probably think of joining the Pro-Am Golfer's Tour.
thumb Ted Tinio, my brother-in-law's high school reunion. The successful reunion was held at Napredak Hall in Milpitas for the Ice Breaker Party and the The Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara for the Gala Night. Another fun filled event that I was fortunate enough to capture the images and the videos of such another memorable event for all the atttendees.
thumb Erwin and Janet De Jesus Wedding, Saturday, February 09, 2014.
thumb Mike & May Dizon's Wedding, Friday September 27, 2013. This was a beautiful wedding that was held at a gazebo overlooking a reservoir and lush green rolling hills at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame California. My nephew Michael, the son of my sister Tina, look dapper in his gray suit but the sight to behold that evening was May, the beautiful bride. I have to admit the couple look very good together. I've heard of tears of joy and happiness but this was the first time I've seen it in it's moment of splendor as the tears welled from the bride's eyes when they exchanged vows. The banquet at the Crystal Springs Hall was joyous as it can be. The Father Daughter Dance was the highlight of the evening. Bobby, the bride's father, and May gyrated to several popular song selections of different generations that kept the raucous guests roaring for more. The video footage from that dance could put to shame some popular videos on Youtube that have gone viral.
Holy Angel University High School Batch of 1978's 35th Year Reunion. Organized by Northern California Chapter and held in the San Francisco Bay Area on June 21-22, 2013. It was a two day reunion with the first one titled Icebreaker held at St. Elizabeth Parks's Teen Center in Fremont and the Gala Night formal celebration at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara. I was doing double duty as photographer and videographer for the event. I also created the new logo and the graphics for the invitation, cover of the programme and the wine label. These events were off the chain, lots of love and great friendship to go around. I've never seen a group of old high school batch mates so happy to see each other.
The kids take over the dance floor after the adults run out of gas. Taken at Mamang's 90th Birthday bash at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara CA.
My mother's 90th birthday at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, CA. Relatives from all over the United States and Canada and the Philippines arrive to greet her a happy birthday. This is fantastic milestone for her as well as for us.
thumb Gladys and Eddie's Baby Shower held at Pho 69 at downtown San Jose. Excellent food and great company. The Paper Plate Portrait Drawing Contest was hilarious. I couldn't get enough of the pistachio pastries from Sweet Tooth Bakery and the cake was also abolutely divine. Thanks to the baby shower organizers for a memorable great time.
thumb Michelle and Nicolo Tinio's baby shower held at the Atrium Hall of Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose. Proud grandparents to be, Melinda and Ted Tinio, host a banquet full of relatives and friends to welcome their first grandchild. It is the best baby shower I was fortunate enough to be invited to.
uctc A website heralding all the activities of my tennis club located at the Veteran's Memorial Park in Union City California. It is my opinion that tennis is a life-long sport that keeps me physically and mentally healthy. Nothing erases the drudgery of work than playing a few good sets of tennis with very good friends. We have now at least 110 members and the list keeps growing as the years go by. The club is not all about tennis as we, as a group, had thrust ourselves in organizing worthwhile charitable endeavours through the years including sending goods and monetary donations to the typhoon victims of the Philippines.
thumb Pre-Christmas family party at Ben and Karen Balleza's home in Brentwood. It was raining cats and dogs in the cold Bay Area that night and we're glad that everybody arrived without any unfortunate incident. It was also the 49ers vs. Seahawks game. Although the Niners lost that game we all felt winners because the party was a great success. The food was excellent and the warm company of relatives made it a night to remember. Thanks to our gracious host Ben & Karen for keeping our family Christmas tradition alive. The highlight of the night was Ate Remy winning the Gangnam Style Dance contest. She destroyed the competition with her very inspired and spirited dancing.
Ate Bella's 65th Birthday at the Villages Golf & Country Club. My eldest sister celebrated her age defying accomplishment by inviting her close friends and relatives to a fun-filled evening of fine dining and dancing. Her loving husband, Rodger Cryer, hosted the party and as usual, filled the evening with very sentimental surprises for my sister.
mamang 89 thumb
March 18, 2012 - Mamang's 89th Birthday Photo Album taken at the Santa Clara Lakeshore Club House.Thanks to Mike and Tessie Aubin for hosting this wonderful party. Thanks to all those who came and made this party worth remembering. Mamang was overjoyed to see everyone there.

Flamers - Holy Angel University High School Batch '75 2010 Reunion

A website I created for our High School Class of 1975. I went home to the Phillipines after 35 years of absence to attend this grand reunion. I took pictures and videos of the celebration to share with those who could not attend. I also made the logo that was used to promote this event.


Fil-Am Basketball Tournament

Photo Website I made for the Fil-Am Sponsored Postal Basketball Tournament held in San Jose.


APWU73 American Postal Workers Union Local 73

This is a website I created for the Clerk Union in San Jose. I did so with the cooperation and help of Rene Maniquiz, one of the Local 73's Union officials.

flor jun thumb

Jun & Flor Cayabyab's Retirement Party at the Embassy Suites, Milpitas CA

A day for gratitude and sweet memories punctuated by the lively music and dancing. The Grand Ballroom of the Embassy Suites was filled with friends, family and co-workers who greeted the lovely couple and wished them well on their well earned retirement. Jun and Flor expressed their gratitude to the all the guests that made it possible for them to achieve this milestone in their life. I'm thrilled and happy for this couple's retirement from the Post Office, although I know I'm going to miss them very much knowing that I won't be seeing them at work anymore.


Jun & Flor Cayabyab's Last Day at Work

Husband and wife co-workers at the Post Office which I was very fortunate to have known and became friends with. It was their last day at the work and we prepared a big party for them to wish them luck on their retirement. Flor had worked for the Lundy Post Office for 24 years and Jun for 20 years. We will miss this elegant couple who had graced us with their presence for two decades.


Our Philippine Vacation

Photos and Videos of our Philippine vacation in 2010. Our 3 weeks and 3 days in the Philippines was a blast! I haven't gone home in 35 years and so much have changed, some for the good and some for the bad. Overall, it felt good to be back to the land of my birth. A flood of memories just took hold of me and won't let go. It was hot and brutally humid but the Philippine's unique beauty that's entirely its own made up for the less than hospitable weather.


Christy and Andy Chin Wedding

Photos I took from a friend and co-worker of my wife. It was a nice wedding held at the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park CA. I used a Nikon D700 with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens.


Justin's Graduation Photos & Videos

A website I made for my son Justin. He graduated with a BS in Biology at UC Riverside. This was truly a proud moment for him as well as for us, his parents. This was the culmination of years of hard work, saving and planning and it felt very good inside to see him so happy. The photographs and videos I took will give me joy and satisfaction for the rest of my life.


Efren Romero's Memorial Page

He loved his family more than anything else. His passion to succeed was fueled by his burning desire to give his family the best things in life. He loved to be around his relatives and friends. He loved life and lived it with honor, humility and dignity worth emulating. With these admirable qualities it was nearly impossible not to be drawn to the aura of his light. After all, to know Efren was to be his friend...


Katrina Dimaano's 18th Birthday

My wonderful niece's debut party at the Hilton Hotel in Newark California. I took the photos and videos of this lively event to commemorate her coming of age party. Like my wife, she is not the type of person who is comfortable wearing dresses but she looked elegantly beautiful with her white dress at this party. The 18 candle speeches of her friends and relatives was the highlight of the event. Hopefully, several years from now she could look back at this media album and cherish the moments a second time around.



slinky_thumb This is a video presentation I made to sell my idea for use on the workroom floor for QWL or Quality of Working Life in San Jose P&DC. I got the idea of using the Slinky after I noticed how the vending machines hold up the chocolate bars upright with rolled up wires. This video was a one man production. I was the videographer, actor, graphic artist, video editor etc. I got the Slinky commercial ad from their website and the Singing in the Rain clip from a borrowed CD from Hollywood Video Rentals. I could not do the voice-over because I don't possess the ideal vocals for it. I bought the 3 Slinkys myself that we now use on the 010 operation to dry wet mail. The idea and the short video had high praises at the recently concluded QWL Convention in Philadelphia.
This is a website I created for my sister. The haubatch 71 website purpose is to reacquaint high school graduates of Holy Angel University, Philippines Class of 1971. It's a go to website to find out about class reunions, fundraising activities and just merely chat and share ideas with former classmates and batchmates. This is the most rewarding endeavor I have gotten myself into. I received a lot of compliments from alumnis that visited the site and I learned a lot about webhosting and the internet. My e-mail was flooded with requests to do other alumnis website after the link was posted on Holy Angel University's own website.

This is a poster I made for retiring Mail Handler Roger Alsasua. Roger was a former Carrier from Milpitas who switched to the Mail Handler craft a few years before his retirement. He has 30 years of dedicated service to the U.S. Postal Service. He is the fourth person I made a poster to as a present on their last day on the floor. This one was memorable because I was told about the impending retirement just two days before his last day which coincided with our Christmas party. He was a modest man and a secretive one too. He did not want to make a big deal about his retirement and was resigned to just fading out in the sunset without any ballyhoo. It took a trememdous effort on my part to finish this poster on time. Taking the pictures of everybody, compositing on Photoshop and tweaking in Illustrator and having it printed and framed left me with no sleep before the presentation. I'm happy to say that it was all worth it! He was on the verge of tears as he ran his hands on the poster. He walked around the building to show it off. I knew he will treasure this memento more than anything we can give him.
I started doing the posters when I found out that most retirees from the craft got a plaque and a pin from management and was usually not given to them personally but rather mailed to them at home. We wanted to give him something out of the ordinary and the poster just fit the bill. I saw the need and filled the need.


Ryan's School Photo Album

My son Ryan, through the years at St. Joachim School. Field trips and events I was fortunate enough to have the time to go and take photos of him and his classmates.

This is a website I made for my son's CYO League. I took a lot of photos and videos of some of their games to practice my photographic skills in low and bad lighting. I overheard one of the parents say to another "If only his dad could have been here to see this". That was my cue to bring the events to the comfort of their homes via their personal computer. I had the resources and all I needed was the time. My son's team made it to the playoffs and I thought this will jazz them up before the championship. The parents were happy to share the site with their relatives abroad. It seems that most of the kids who play in this team have grandparents that reside in the Philippines, Peru, Mexico, etc. It was a welcome sight to see their grandkids in action.

My Mom's 87th Birthday Photo Album

My beloved mother celebrates her 87th birthday at the Lakeshore Club House in Santa Clara CA. Family and friends from near and far gather together to honor and heap praises on this wonderful lady. She is the proverbial glue that keeps this family together.



Logo design for St. Maria Goretti Church for the World Youth Day to be held in Sydney Australia. For dove on the right I used the World Famous Sydney Opera House arches rotated 3 times. The theme for this year comes from Acts 1:8

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you; and you will be my witnesses.

The dove represents the Holy Spirit, the cross Jesus Christ and the tongue of fire represents the power of Faith given to our hearts by the Holy Spirit when it descended on the Apostles on Pentecost Sunday. SMG-St.MAria Goretti ; SYD-Sydney Australia; WYD World Youth Day



Juvenal & Erlin Castro Wedding

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Joshua & Leanna Balleza Wedding Reception

Joshua and Leanna Balleza Wedding Reception

Photos I took from my nephew Joshua's wedding reception held in San Jose. I took some videos too but I have not have time to compress and post them. I just bought a new Nikon lens and decided to put it through it's paces. The results were breath taking. It's definitely better than my old lens.