Icebreaker Lake Elizabeth Fremont - June 21, 2013

Gala Night Biltmore Hotel Santa Clara - June 22, 2013


Ice Breaker Party Videos

The Saints NorCal Officers Practice Gala Night Dance


Juanita is in the house!

Ing Handa Mi

Kodak Moments

Electric Slide

Face the Cookie Game

Musical Lap Chairs Game

Line Dancing 1

Shake Your Balls Out Demo

Shake Your Balls Out Game

Line Dancing 2

Line Dancing 3

Ballroom Dancing

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night 1

Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night 2


Gala Night at the Biltmore Hotel

Ladies Photo Assembly 1

Ladies Photo Assembly 2

Ladies and Gentlemen Photo Assembly


Gentlemen's Photo Assembly

The Saints NorCal Officers Dance to their Introduction

Special Award

Angeles City Mayor Ed Pamintuan's Introduction and Speech

Batchmate Acknowledgements

Philippine National Anthem

American National Anthem
My apologies, an unrecoverable SD technical glitch corrupted the last part of the video.

A Moment of Silence and A Toast

The Saints NorCal Officers Opens the Dance Floor

Serenade and Red Roses

Be Careful With My Heart Skit

Line Dance 1

Line Dance 2

Dance Free Styling and Conga Line

You'll Never Find Another Ka-Batchmate Like Me

Ballroom Dancing

Soul Train

Cupid Shuffle

Ric Nietes and the SoCal 2016 Reunion Officers

More Videos To Be Added Soon



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