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The final buzzer celebration after defending the one point lead.
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The videos above is dedicated to all the soccer moms and dads who have laboured and spent a great deal of their time to drive and accompany their kids to games and practices. It's not easy to watch your children play and not feel the whole spectrum of emotions that goes with each game or practice. We cringe when they get injured or hurt. We worry and hope that they do well and get along with the other kids. We root for their team and yell until our voices are reduced to a resonant croak. We enthusiastically shout words of encouragement as they run past our bleachers. We console their little hearts when their team loses.

Seeing these kids make their first baskets in this CYO league, and their ensuing burst of jubilation makes the trepidation, worrying and effort all worth it. Their smiles after making the basket, although fleeting, was enough to tell us that their determination and hard work paid off. For us parents who have endured the roller coaster of emotions, this was the one moment in time we have waited for so long. These kids did not quit the team even though they never scored before. They did not feel embarassed or down on themselves because they were not good offensive players. They are team players who dig deep into their physical capabilities and are always happy when their team wins. They may not be signing an NBA contract in the near future but their smiles tells us that they have gained a major surge of confidence that they can build upon as the league progresses. As proud parents we celebrate with them on their personal victory. We can't wait to see these children flash the same triumphant smile as they surmount and overcome the other hurdles that life will someday place in front of their paths to deter them from achieving their goals. Yes, some say it's just a game, but in some respects, it gives us a preview of how our kids will handle the bigger challenges in the bigger arena of the bigger game we call LIFE.